Top 3 Best Bong Brands of 2018

Today, Marijuana consumption is increasing drastically. Even though in some places it is prohibited and if caught transporting, using or even growing weed is punishable by law. But it seems like what is prohibited, usually gives more pleasure to us. In some places, using weed is legal, though it is regulated by the government — well, just like they said, “There is no such thing as absolute freedom.” 

Even the fact that cannabis smoking is, if not regulated, but prohibited by law, there is no denying that the numbers of getting hooked up are still increasing until today. Whether you are a newbie in the culture who wanted to learn and explore, a patient that is using cannabis for medical treatment, or a cannabis connoisseur who only wants the best way to savor his/her weed. Whatever the purpose for using weed you have, we can agree on one thing — the love for cannabis. 

Speaking about Cannabis, all hardcore potheads in the community knows that the best way to savor cannabis is when you use a “Bong” to smoke it. If you are a newbie, this might be something that you haven’t heard before. “Bong” is a glass water pipe widely used for smoking dry weed and it is extremely popular for hardcore weed smokers. If you prefer using dry herbs, then using “Bongs” is what you need to savor your weed even more (Especially if you haven’t tried using bongs ever since).  


Why Use Bong? 

You might be thinking this right now, “Why should I use Bong?” Well, aside from the fact that “Bongs” does have a fancy look, do you know that using a bong to smoke weed is actually better for you? Yes, that is true. What Bongs do is it helps to filter the smoke before inhaling it, lessening the toxins and other materials before it enters your body (lungs to be specific). This is due to the water where the smoke passes through before it enters the body, also since it passes through the water, the smoke’s heat is also lessened, making it cooler to intake and without sacrificing the vapor’s flavor. There are a lot of benefits from using “Bongs” compared to your average vape device, but we are not going to talk about that here. Today, we will be discussing the top 3 best Bong brands of 2018.  


Who Uses Bongs? 

Bong users are people who are looking forward to a hardcore experience in smoking weed. To sum it up, those who use “Bongs” are deliberate cannabis connoisseur, some of them even believed that their “Bongs” reflects their personalities, they even give their bong’s names like how we give names to our pet animals at home. If you too wanted to take your weed smoking to a whole new level, then owning your own bong is probably the best way to achieve this feat. 


Types Of Bongs 

Now, you might be planning to buy your own bong right at this very moment. But before you do that, identifying the best bong type that will suit your needs is a must, because a lot of factors may affect the ability and impact of the bong’s performance. The width of the bow, the shape, the size and height of these variables indicates a bong’s ability. 

  • Scientific Bongs – if you are looking for a durable and with high heat resistance, then scientific bongs fits your criteria best. Although it is quite expensive you will not regret buying one.
  • Mini Bongs – now, if you are quite tight in budget, you can purchase mini bongs. Yes, indeed they are way cheaper than other types of a bong, but it is usually created from thinner glass which is easier to break. At the end of the day, spending and settling for a reliable bong would prove beneficial.
  • Bubbler Bongs – a hybrid between bong and pipe. Offers portability, it can cool down, filters the smoke. The only downside of this type is you can’t draw too hard or else you might also draw the water along the way.
  • Percolator Bongs – this type offers the best cooling and filtering among all types of bongs. It applies a glass filter that is being hanged inside the water chamber. The filter itself is responsible for assuring that the vapor is circulating, resulting in exemplary toxic filtering and cooling.


The Best Bong Brands In The Market 

There are different companies out there (hundreds or maybe thousand in numbers) that sells “Bongs”. Some are cheap, others are way too expensive. Here are the top 3 bong brands that you should keep an eye on. 

  1. Black Leaf – First in our list is the Black Leaf, it is established as a branch of GermanNear Dark Brand. German Near Dark Brand was a renowned distributor worldwide and was owned by Mr. Ernst Meerbeck. The company was operating for almost twenty years until now and they offer top-notch “Bongs” that they prided with premium quality while being not too expensive, easy to use and to store. Purchasing your own Black Leaf product is not a problem at all, (if it happened that you live in the Eastern part of the globe) you can always buy online. Their product is not limited to “Bongs” only, they also offer accessories/ equipment, grinders, pipes and strives to develop products that are in new trend such as vape devices. 
  1. Blaze Glass – Second in our list is Blaze Glass, also by GermanNear Dark Brand. The company prided their product is comparable to Duran Glass that is being used for industrial lab pieces like Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers. There is no doubt that Blaze Glass is one of the top rankers of the bong makers in the industry. Designed fabulously, with every product created to be extremely customizable so that users can freely tweak to find their sweet spot when using it. As the fruit of their research, passion, hard work and team effort every product from Blaze Glass will provide you notable experience from every smoke draw. 
  1. EHLE Glass – Third and last in our list is the EHLE brand. Established way back in the 1950’s and has been operating and creating state of the art pieces of glass instruments for over the past 60 years. In 1988, ThomasEhle took over their family business and focused on crafting high-end quality bongs and water pipes. EHLE brand is popular for its elegant designs and lasting “bongs” that they create. Their glass bongs, incorporated with advanced glass making techniques while using high-grade materials just to ensure to keep their company’s standards high. 


Keep in mind that when you are purchasing your own “Bong” you should always consider what suits you best. If you are willing to spend a little more, then settle to the best quality. There are a lot of brands that offer best, premium and quality performance with reasonable price. Rather than investing your money into something that can’t give you any value. That’s all and hope you find this article helpful.